Posted: 01 June, 2017

Cooler days and wet weather may encourage many people to stay indoors but for dedicated volunteers across Western Australia, the change in weather means it’s time to start planting. Across the State over coming months, hundreds of volunteers will plant thousands of seedlings in revegetation projects aimed at improving the environment.

Natural Resource Management Western Australia (NRMWA) Chair Jim Sullivan said it was thanks to the efforts of volunteers that revegetation can happen at the scale it does.

“The hours of labour put in by volunteers working to improve our environment is phenomenal,” Mr Sullivan said. “Without that volunteer labour, the task simply wouldn’t get done.”

Posted: 01 June, 2017

Thousands of Western Australians will head out into the natural environment this weekend as the State celebrates WA Day.

“People will be out in droves this weekend enjoying the beautiful environment we are lucky enough to have here in WA,” according to Natural Resource Management Western Australia Chair Jim Sullivan. “It’s a good time to take stock of how lucky we are and to remember that we all play a part in looking after the environment.

“People often go away for the WA Day long weekend – they head out to the bush to go camping or bushwalking, or they head to the coast to go boating or fishing.

Posted: 10 March, 2017

The newly released Australia State of the Environment 2016 report makes for sobering reading. Our changing climate is providing big challenges as are the increased pressures on coastal development around urban centres and the extensive land use zone where grazing is a major factor in the loss of biodiversity.

However, current gaps could be addressed securing a brighter future for our environment. The main gaps highlighted in the report centre on integrated policies and adaptive management approaches, an area where regional natural resource management (NRM) organisations have considerable capacity.

“This makes the work of regional NRM organisations even more critical in securing Australia’s biodiversity future,” said Jim Sullivan, Kulin farmer and Chair of NRM WA.

Posted: 27 February, 2017

Volunteers are what make natural resource management in Western Australia, tick.

Far from being in decline, environmental volunteers are passionate and they are on the increase, and a part of the heart of natural resource management (NRM) organisations such as the Northern Agricultural Catchments Council (NACC). From planting trees, to revegetation and even picking up rubbish, the scope of volunteering for our environment is vast and it’s local stewards like David O’Meara in the NACC NRM region, that help make NRM what it is today.

“Like most of us, I just can’t walk past litter without picking it up. Especially if it’s plastic after seeing a David Suzuki documentary about 20 years ago on its devastating impact on marine life,” David said.

Posted: 27 February, 2017

Farmers are undoubtedly doing more, working together, and often contributing their own money and time, to address local issues such as weeds and feral pests, soil condition and water management. In recent times, there have been over 16 000* first time participants in NRM, many of whom are farmers - learning and delivering projects as part of the National Landcare Program**.

‘The structure and arrangements for working with farmers differ across the seven NRM Regions in WA, both because of the different commodities and land use, and the regional differences in soil, water, climate and people.