NRM WA - Regions and Beyond

Western Australia is covered by seven regional NRM (Natural Resource Management) organisations. Wherever in WA you are, you are in an NRM Region. NRMWA is a networking group that brings together representatives from each of the regional groups.

The NRM regional organisations – Perth NRM, Wheatbelt NRM, Peel Harvey Catchment Council, South West Catchment Council, South Coast NRM, Northern Agricultural Catchment Council, and Rangelands NRM – are community based. They are incorporated associations with solid governance.

The regional organisations work with a range of remarkable farmers, communities, landcarers and non-government organisations (NGOs) to deliver good outcomes for Western Australians and the Western Australian environment.

The NRM regions are a conduit for ensuring regional delivery of national programs. But they are much more than that. The NRM regional structure provides a means to ensure NRM operates in locally meaningful ways, on projects that matter locally while making a difference regionally and nationally. Regional NRM bodies have established systems that provide accountability in finances, governance, project management, and reporting, monitoring and evaluation.

But perhaps the most important aspect of regional NRM is what happens on the ground. Using regional strategies, action and investment is targeted to ensure it makes a difference. Each region has its own strategy, developed and updated to meet the needs of the region. These strategies link and align priorities vertically across national, state and local levels, and horizontally across tenures, land-types and land-users.

Regional NRM facilitates good investment. It provides accountability and capacity for the Federal Government to deliver its objectives and legislative responsibilities across the county. It also attracts investors who bring new money into projects that align with overall NRM outcomes.

NRMWA – we’ve got WA covered


Collectively, NRM WA’s purpose is to look after country and people and to ensure that Australia can continue to produce food and fibre into the future, and to protect our unique flora and fauna and its many social and economic values. This is achieved by:


  • Aligning the natural resource management priorities and efforts of the Australian and State/Territory governments with those of regional communities and local governments.
  • Providing a single point of contact, that brings research and local knowledge to NRM action and planning.
  • Brokering partnerships and collaborations between organisations to deliver NRM services in a simple one-stop approach.
  • Operating at a landscape level across regions whenever appropriate.
  • Contributing expertise to national NRM policies.