What We Do

Connecting Communities, Linking Landscapes

NRMWA is comprised of seven regional organisations, governed by a Memorandum of Understanding and a Charter. It is often represented by the Chairs and CEOs of the seven regional groups. NRMWA is not a funding body and nor does it coordinate or direct the regional groups. The groups are autonomous. But are all working towards the same goals – connected communities, well managed landscapes, sustainable agriculture, healthy environments. NRMWA is a means for the regional groups to communicate and work together on statewide issues and projects. 

NRM funding applications and distribution in Western Australia are handled through the State NRM office within the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD).  

NRMWA works with the regional groups on projects and issues that extend beyond regional boundaries. These include climate change, feral animals, biodiversity, sustainable agriculture, threatened species. NRM brings together the people and places of Western Australia. By focusing on local issues in and across the seven NRM regions of Western Australia, the NRM has access to a wealth of collective, grass roots knowledge as well as the capacity to build efficient networks with industry, research and government.